is pleased to offer information that will help show you, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, and WHY to begin fossil and shark teeth collecting.

Many visitors to this web site have asked me questions about how and where to get started on finding shark teeth, READ ON............

bulletWant to know where to find them?
bulletWant to know when you should look?
bulletWant to know how to find fossils?
bulletWant to know why to look?
bulletWould you like to know what you need when fossil hunting?
bulletWould you like to be able to identify shark teeth and other fossils you find?

NOW available, several books for the amateur collector with many B/W pictures/illustrations detailing and describing shark teeth and fossils.

These books will help show you how to pick the right beach, cliff, river, etc to find fossil shark teeth. It explains what to look for and watch out for. What tools you need and how to use them.

Learn the names of beaches and other places that are hot spots for finding fossils.

You get a list of many states in the US and the names of the places to find them. Learn where and when to go collecting.

These books are full of information put together over many years by the experts.


Book #



Book 1


170 pages. Includes close to 400 images, both color and black & white. You will be very impressed at all the different colored teeth, Pathologies, Drawings and informational content that this book has to offer. 





Book 2


This is a very diverse 149 page shark tooth field guide . It covers many different species found all around the world and easy very simple in its lay out.


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Book 3

Fossilized Shark's Teeth and Fossils

This is a 29 page color Identification guide . Includes most of all the shark teeth found on the south eastern coast and also shows pictures of other fossils that you may encounter walking the shore lines and river banks.



Book 4

 Fossiling in Florida

Over 250 photos of author’s Florida fossil finds, including sharks, whales, dolphins, mammoths, mastodons, sloths, camels, alligators, and horses.
* Shows where to look, how and when to look, and how to preserve your finds.
* Informative, humorous, written in layperson’s words


Book 5

This book comes from the NC Fossil Club and is entitled Neogene Fossils of North Carolina

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Book 6

This book is a field guide from The North Carolina Fossil Club entitled Cretaceous & Paleogene Fossils of North Carolina. $14.95*

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Book 7

This book comes from the Florida Museum of Natural History by the Florida Paleontological Society, Inc. It is called Fossil Vertebrates - Beach and Bank Collecting for Amateurs. $14.95

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Book 8

This is "The collectors guide to fossil sharks and rays from the Cretaceous of Texas" Written by Bruce J. Welton PH.D. and Roger F.Farish

This 204 page book has over 150 illustrations and photos!

Over 80 species identified

Comprehensive and authoritative

easy to use



Shark Tooth Poster

Poster 1

This Great illustrated poster Of our North American fossil shark teeth. It is a 24" X 36" picture with 23 different
species. A must for all collectors 




Show off your new teeth with a stand! Not sure what size stand you need? Email us!!! *Tooth Not Included*

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        Large: $3.95   Medium: $2.75   Small: $1.50



NEW! Oak stands with Laser engraved Megalodon info. For 3" to 5" teeth


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wdst2b.jpg (41574 bytes)


 Oak stands with Laser engraved Megalodon info. For 4 .5" to 6" teeth $12 

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       Sharks Tooth Kits!!!

        Shark Tooth Display Kits with  different species! 

     Great gifts for all !

Kit order #


 click on photo for enlargement !

          kit 1

Tiger shark tooth


kit1.jpg (64479 bytes)

kit 2

Extinct Snaggle tooth shark 



kit2.jpg (63443 bytes)

kit 3

Extinct Mako $14.95

kit3.jpg (62280 bytes)

kit 4

Big bad Megalodon


kit4.jpg (65552 bytes)

kit 5

Extinct mako from Chile 


kit5.jpg (60416 bytes)

kit 6

Great white tooth from Peru 


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Riker Mounts.   

Riker 1


4 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 3/4"


rkr1.jpg (56773 bytes)

Riker 2

5 1/2 x 4 1/2" x 3/4"   $7

rkr2.jpg (54796 bytes)

Riker 3

8"x 6"x 2"   $15

rkr3.jpg (41966 bytes)

Riker 4

12" x 8"x 3/4"  $15

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