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Polished Megalodon Teeth with Inlay’s

These beautiful Megalodon Sharks Teeth have been professionally polished on a lapidary machine which involves a 13-step process using 6 different diamond grit wheels and have been professionally inlayed with different minerals such as pyrite, sodalite, lapis, turquoise, and fossil red coral. Polished megalodon shark teeth are a beautiful and fascinating sight. They are typically large and triangular with a dark chevron-shaped area near the root called a bourlette. The enamel of polished megalodon teeth can range in color from white to gray to brown, with some specimens even exhibiting multiple colors. When polished, the enamel of megalodon teeth takes on a high shine that reveals the intricate details of their structure. Polished megalodon shark teeth are a popular collector’s item, and they can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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