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Jaws Megalodon Sharks

Megalodon Jaws
World's Largest Prehistoric Shark
Carcharocles megalodon
The largest predator was the megalodon shark, Carcharocles megalodon. Their maximum length is widely debated, but most estimates are around 50-60 feet!

Megalodon evolved during the early Miocene epoch, about twenty million years ago, and lived until about two or three million years ago. Scientists suspect that the megatooth’s main prey were the large whales, which evolved at about the same time.

Today, the closest relative of the megatooth is the relatively puny great white shark, which seldom gets as big as twenty feet.

Item Number Size of sharks tooth Description Prices Click photo for larger view
MegaJaw #1
4 1/4" teeth

4 1/2 ft x 5ft

3 rows of replica teeth


MegaJaw #2
6 1/4" teeth

6 ft x 6 1/2 ft

4 rows of replica teeth


MegaJaw #3
6 3/4" teeth

8 ft x 10 ft

3 rows of replica teeth