Collector Grade Megalodon Shark Teeth

Collector Grade Fossil Megalodon shark teeth are very rare and sought after.  They are characterized by their excellent condition.  Less than 1 % of all the tens of thousands of teeth I have found over 33 years reach the level of A-grade collector quality.  A perfect Fossil Megalodon shark tooth would have been rotated through the jaw conveyor belt from germ to complete development without being used/damaged by the shark.  As the shark swam, the prehistoric shark tooth would have been discarded to the ocean floor being rapidly covered by currents and accumulating sediments. The original Megalodon shark tooth would then be replaced by a slurry of minerals. As long as the tooth remained in its encapsulation it would be preserved in excellent condition for millions of years. If you are lucky enough to catch it for the first time coming out of sediment you may have a collector-quality Megalodon tooth. When you’re looking at grading a collector Megalodon shark tooth for sale you are looking for a smooth root with very few hydration cracks and no chips. With enamel, you are looking for full coverage from the tip to the start of the root on both sides. Serrations are complete from tip to root. The chevron or Bourlette will be 100 % complete. This is the V space between the enamel and root. Erosion of sediments being redeposited through sand wind and currents is the major cause for the destruction of shark teeth. Below I have Bgrade Collector Megalodon teeth for sale. Some minor flaws holding it back from A grade. I will also put up here highly Collectible shark teeth for sale either because of their unique color, shape, location, or pathology.  There are highly collectible shark teeth and then there are High-quality shark teeth just to mark the difference between the two. I have a good selection of collector megalodon shark teeth for sale here and a whole nother selection on our other website

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