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Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-374 3/16" - Brown Root, Brown / Gray Enamel, Excellent Serrations$360.00a136
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-364 1/4+" - Black Root, Gray Enamel, Sharp Serrations$305.00a135
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-204 1/2+" - Dark Brown Root, Gray Enamel, Excellent Checron, Nice Serrations$395.00a119
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-525 3/4" - Brown Root, Brown Enmel, Fair Chevron, Good Serrations$1,510.00a227
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-494 3/4" - Brown Root, Gray Enamel, Excellent Chevron, Sharp Serrations$505.00a223
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-505 1/2" - Blak Root, Gray Enamel, Fair Serrations$810.00a225
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-515 7/16" - Brown Root, Mottled Gray Enamel$1,005.00a226
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-464 1/2+" - Brown Root, Brown Enamel, Super Sharp Serrations$405.00
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Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-474 3/8" - Black Root, Tan Enamel, Excellent Chevron, Sharp Serrations$360.00a220
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-485 3/8" - Brown Root, Mottled Gray Enamel$760.00a221
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-434 15/16" - Black Root, Motteld Gray Enamel, Super Sharp Serrations$405.00a210
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-444 3/8" - Dark Brown Root, Black Enamel, Super Sharp Serrattions$460.00a212
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-454 1/2" - Brown Root, Brown Enamel, Super Sharp Serrations$360.00a215
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-404 3/8" - Brown Root, Brown Enamel Sharp Serrations$405.00a139
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-415" - Brown Root, Brown Enamel, Sharp Serrations$760.00a140
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-424 3/4" - Dark Brown Root, Brown/Gray Enamel, Nice Chevron$585.00a141
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-384 15/16" - Brown Root, Gray Enamel, Good Chevron, Nice Serrations,Some Root Deterition but Overall Excellent Tooth for a GREAT PRICE!$385.00a137
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-394 1/8" - Black Root, Gray Enamel, Good Chevron Excellent Serrations$505.00a138
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-344 1/8" - Black Root, Motteld Gray Enamel, Excellent Chevron, Sharp Serrations$405.00a133
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-354 1/4" - Brown Root, Black Enamel, Good Chevron, Great Serrations, Great Contrast$505.00a134
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-324 3/16" - Brown Root, Mottled Black Enamel, Super Sharp Serrations$360.00a131
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-334 1/2" - Brown Root, Gray Enamel,Excellent Chevron, Excellent Serrations$460.00a132
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-314 1/8" - Brown Root, Brown Enamel, Good Chevron, Sharp Serrations$360.00a130
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-294 1/4" - Black Root, Gray Enamel, Excellent Chevron, Good Serrations$360.00a128
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-304 1/8" - Black Root, Black Enamel, Great Serrations, Great Chevron$360.00a129
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-264 7/8" - Brown Root, Pretty Gray Enamel, Good Chevron, Very Nice Serrations$465.00a125
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-274 3/8" - Black Root, Black Enamel, Great Serrations, Unique Shape$405.00a126
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-284 3/4" - Dark Brown Root, Tan to Gray Enamel$485.00a127
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-224 3/8" - Brown Root, Gray Enamel, Very Wide Tooth$425.00a121
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-234 " Brown Root, Brown Mottled Enamel St.Mary's Tooth$295.00a122
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-244 15/16" Brown Root, Gray/Brown and Black Enamel Very Unique Tooth$375.00a123
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-254 1/2+" - Gray Root, Mottled Gray Enamel, Sharp Serrations$360.00a124
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-193 5/8 " Brown Root, Brown Enamel $245.00a118
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-213 3/4" Black Brown Root, Gray/Tan Enamel $285.00a120
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-153 1/16 "Dark Brown Root, Gray Enamel $165.00a114
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-163 5/8" Brown Root, Light Gray Enamel Very Pretty Tooth$235.00a115
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-173 3/4 " Grayish Brown Root, Gray Enamel $265.00a116
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-184" - Dark Brown Root, Gray Enamel, Great Chevron$365.00a117
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-123 3/4" - Brown Root, Nice Gray Enamel, Good Chevron, Good Serrations$425.00a111
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-133 1/4+" Brown Root, Gray/Black Enamel Serrrated Posterior Tooth$295.00a112
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-144 1/8" - Brown Root, Brown Enamel, Great Chevron, Good Serrations$385.00a113
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-93 1/16" Brown Root, Brown Gray Enamel $160.00a108
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-103 3/8" - Brown Root, Brown Enamel, Good Serrations, Excellent Posterior$350.00a109
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-113 1/2+" - Dark Brown Root, Mottled Gray Enamel, Great Chevron, Excellent Serrations$175.00a110
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-73 7/16" - Brown Root, Black and Gray Enamel, Good Chevron, Good Serrations$175.00a106
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-83 1/16 " Brown Root,  Gray Enamel .$155.00a107
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-53" - Dark Brown Root, Gray Enamel, Great Serratons, Excellent Posterior$285.00a104
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-63 1/4" - Brown Root, Gray Enamel, Good Chevron, Excellent Serrations$265.00a105
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-43 " Brown Root, Light Brown Enamel St Mary's Totth$135.00a103
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-23" - Brown Root with Coral attached, Tan Enamel$110.00a101
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-32 15/16 " Dark Brown Root, Dar Brown Enamel $160.00a102
Collector Megalodon ToothSTCOL-12 7/16" - Brown Root, Tan Enamel, Great Serrations, Posterior Tooth$255.00a100
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