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Moroccan Megalodon Shark Teeth

Moroccan megalodon shark teeth are some of the most popular fossils on the market and for good reason. They are large, impressive teeth that come from one of the largest and most powerful predators that ever lived. Megalodons went extinct millions of years ago, but their teeth are still preserved in the phosphate mines of Morocco. Moroccan megalodon shark teeth come in a variety of sizes and conditions. Some teeth are small and worn, while others are large and well-preserved. You can find teeth that are black, brown, or even white. No matter what size or condition you choose, a Moroccan megalodon shark tooth is a unique and fascinating fossil.

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1 1/2" - This is the only perfect Hemipristis I have seen from this locality. Very nice color and sharp serrations NO REPAIR NO RESTORATION
2 3/8" - Excellent Sharp serrations Fair chevron on this small posterior tooth NO REPAIR NO RESTORATION
3 1/4" - Good quality Moroccan Megalodon. Has razor sharp serrations! Nice Chevron! NO REPAIR NO RESTORATION
3 3/16" - Great quality Moroccan Megalodon. Has razor sharp serrations!! Nice Chevron! NO REPAIR NO RESTORATION Great color JT'SChoice
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