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Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC114  11/16  "Gray Root, Tan Gray Enamel Excellent Curvature, Excellent Chevron$1,510.00a113
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC125  3/8  "White Tan Root, Tan Gray Enamel Large and Fantastic Tooth$2,510.00a114
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC84  3/4 +  "Tan Mottled Gray Root, Tan Gray Enamel Beautiful Mottling, Excellent Chevron$505.00a110
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC94  15/16  "Tan Pearl Root, White Tan Enamel Slightly Hooked, Excellent Chevron$460.00a111
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC104  5/8 +  "Gray Root, Gray Tan Enamel Excellent Color Contrast$360.00a112
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC52  11/16  "Tan Root, Tan Enamel Nice Curvature
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Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC63  1/2 +  "Gray White Root, Tan Enamel Unique Serrations$205.00a108
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC74  1/16  "Tan Brown Root, Tan Enamel Nice Color and Serrations$1,210.00a109
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC22  1/4 +  "Tan Root, Tan Gray Enamel Extra Wide Posterior Tooth, 2  1/2"$260.00a104
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC33  1/4 +  "Gray Tan Root, Tan Enamel Nice Shine$40.00a105
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC42  3/4  "Gray Root, Gray Tan Enamel Very Symmetrical$210.00a106
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLCC2  1/2"Tan Root, Tan Enamel Slightly Hooked$160.00a102
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLC12  7/8  "White Tan Root, Tan Enamel Excellent Serrations$160.00a103
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLCA3  1/8+"Tan Root, Tan Enamel Sharp Serrations$135.00a100
Lee Creek Megalodon ToothLCB2  3/4"Tan Root, Rich Tan Enamel Fantastic Tooth$505.00a101
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