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Lee Creek, NC Fossil Megalodon Shark Teeth

Lee Creek Megalodon shark teeth are some of the most sought-after fossils in the world. These teeth are found in the Lee Creek Mine in Aurora, North Carolina, which was once a phosphate mine. The mine closed in the 1970s, but it is still a popular destination for fossil hunters. Lee Creek Megalodon teeth are known for their excellent condition and preservation. They are also some of the largest Megalodon teeth ever found, with some specimens measuring over 7 inches in length. The Lee Creek Mine is thought to have been a breeding ground for Megalodons, which is why so many teeth have been found there. The teeth are preserved in the phosphate rock, which was formed from the bones and teeth of ancient animals that died in the area millions of years ago. Lee Creek Megalodon shark teeth are a fascinating glimpse into the prehistoric world. They are also a valuable scientific resource, helping scientists to learn more about the largest shark that ever lived.

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