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Megalodon Tooth1158A5  5/8 " Megalodon ToothBrown Root, Orange Enamel Huge Tooth
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1156A5  3/4 + "Charcoal Gray Root, Light Grayish Tan Enamel Slightly Hooked & Thick Root$510.00a116
Megalodon Tooth1157A5  11/16 + "Jet Black Root, Multi-Colored Gray Enamel .Excellent Choice Fair SerrationsExcellent  Choice$610.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1155A5  5/8 "Brown Root, Grayish Tan Enamel Very SymmetricalWhelk  Boring Holes In the Root$405.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1154A5  5/8 + "Brown Root, Orange Enamel Beautiful Symmetrical Specimen$405.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1152A5  13/16 + "Black Root, Mottled Blue & Tan Enamel Beautiful Contrast & Sharp Serrations$810.00a112
Megalodon Tooth1153A5  1/2 + "Black Root, Multi-Colored Bluish Gray Enamel Extremely Wide Tooth 5 1/16 + " WIDE POSTERIORManagers Choice
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1151A5  7/8 + "Jet Black Root, Light Grayish Tan Enamel Excellent Specimen Very Symmetrical$610.00a111
Megalodon Tooth1149A5  13/16 + "Charcoal Gray Root, Light Golden Tan Enamel Very Sharp Serrations$610.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1150A5  13/16 + "Multi-Colored Dark Brown Root, Light Golden Tan Enamel Beautiful Colored Root$510.00a110
Megalodon Tooth1147A5  9/16 + "Dark Brown Root, Bright Golden Tan Enamel Wide & Thick Megalodon Tooth$405.00a107
Megalodon Tooth1148A5  1/2 + "Black Root, Light Gray Enamel Great Choice, Solid Specimen
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1146A5  13/16 + "Light Gray Root, Light Grayish Tan Enamel Very Sharp Serrations
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1145A5  3/4 "Black Root, Light Gray Enamel Very Thick Root
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1144A5  5/8 "Black Root, Gray Tan Enamel .Slightly Hooked Specimen$360.00a104
Megalodon Tooth1142A5  1/2 + "Black Root, Mottled Gray Enamel Excellent Contrast & Sharp Serrations
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1143A5  9/16 "Very Dark Brown Root, Multi-Colored Golden Tan Enamel Very Beautiful Colors$405.00a103
Megalodon Tooth1141A5  1/2 + "Very Dark Brown Root, Mottled Grayish Tan Enamel Nice Solid Megalodon ToothBeautiful Contrast
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth1140A5  1/2 + "Very Dark Brown Root, Light Grayish Tan Enamel Slightly Hooked Specimen$405.00
Out of stock
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