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Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako292  13/16 + "Grayish Brown Root, Beautiful Brown Enamel Slightly Hooked Specimen
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako302  7/8 + "Black Root, Very Light Bluish Gray Enamel Extremely Rare Size$160.00a129
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako272  15/16 + "Dark Brown Root, Dark Brown Enamel Excellent Choice, Great Symmetry
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako282  3/4 + "Black Root, Dark Blue Enamel Very Large Specimen
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako252  9/16  + "Black Root, Bluish Gray Enamel Great Choice, Amazing Specimen$80.00a124
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako262  3/4 + "Very Dark Brown Root, Light Tan Enamel Very Symmetrical Specimen$110.00a125
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako242  9/16  "Gray Root, Light Bluish Gray Enamel Beautiful Colors$40.00a123
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako212  3/8 + "BlackRoot, Mottled Bluish Gray Enamel Symmetrical Lower Mako Shark Tooth
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako222  1/8 + "Charcoal Gray Root, Dark Bluish Gray Enamel Great Choice, Beautiful Specimen
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako232  3/4 "Very Dark BrownRoot, Dark Bluish Gray Enamel Very Sharp Tooth$80.00a122
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako192  1/4 + "Grayish Brown Root, Multi-Colored Light Gray Enamel $60.00a118
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako202  1/8 + "Brown Root, Light Brownish Tan Enamel Very Symmetrical Specimen$40.00a119
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako152  5/16Very Dark Brown Root, Brownish Gray Enamel Unique Specimen
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako161  3/4 "Brown Root, Speckled Black and Brown Enamel Amazing Color$40.00a115
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako172  1/16 + "Multi-Colored Golden Brown Root, Light Golden Tan Enamel Excellent Choice, Beautiful Colors$40.00a116
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako182  1/8 + "Charcoal Gray Root, Multi-Colored Light Blue Enamel Stunning Contrast$60.00a117
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako112  1/4  "Light Orange & Tan Root, Light Orange Enamel Summerville Mako$55.00a110
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako122  1/4  "Charcoal Black Root, Multi-Colored Enamel Waved Multi-Colored Beauty
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako132  5/16  "Jet Black Root, Dark Blue Enamel Very Symmetrical & Beautiful Dark Blue
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako141  15/16 "Charcoal Gray Root, Light Gray Enamel Nice Upper Tooth$40.00
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako71  15/16  "Dark Brown Root, Mottled Gray Enamel Unique Contrast
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako82  1/16   "Brown Root, Light Gray Enamel Amazing Shimmer$35.00a107
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako92  5/16  + "Grayish Brown Root, Light Gray Enamel Beautiful Upper Tooth
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako102  1/4  "Light Brown Root, Bluish Gray Enamel Cascading Color$45.00a109
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako41  1/2 +  "Light Brown Root, Multi-Colored Gray Enamel Lee Creek$40.00a103
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako51  13/16  + "Off-White Root, Light Gray Enamel Lee Creek$40.00a104
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako61  3/4 + "Brown Root, Light Grayish Tan Enamel Nice & Symmetrical$35.00a105
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako21  9/16 + "Brown Root, Light Gray Enamel Slightly Hooked
Out of stock
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako31  13/16 + "Off-WhiteRoot, Light Gray Enamel Lee Creek Lower Tooth$40.00a102
Fossil Mako Shark ToothMako11  3/8 + "Brown Root, Light  Light Gray Enamel Beautiful Specimen
Out of stock
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