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Dive into Affordability: Reef Shark Teeth – Lemon & Sand Tiger

Experience the thrill of the ocean at a treasure-friendly price! Our collection of genuine Reef Shark Teeth, including Lemon and Sand Tiger, offers a unique and exciting way to connect with the underwater world without breaking the bank.

These captivating teeth, boasting natural variations in color and size, are conversation starters waiting to happen. Perfect for:

  • Shark enthusiasts on a budget
  • Creating your own jewelry designs
  • Educational treasures for students and collectors
  • Unique party favors or small gifts

Unlike expensive Megalodon teeth, these Reef Shark teeth deliver a fascinating glimpse into the ocean’s diversity at an affordable price.

Order your Reef Shark Teeth (Lemon or Sand Tiger) today and unleash the ocean’s wonder into your collection!

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Fossil Sand Tiger Shark Tooth
1 1/4" Sand Tiger Tooth
Fossil Lemon Shark Tooth
1" Lemon Shark Tooth
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