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Megalodon Tooth4296  5/16"Dark Gray Root, Slate Gray Tan Enamel Beautiful Colors5% Restoration$2,510.00a129
Megalodon Tooth4366  "Brown Root, Brown Enamel 100% Natural$560.00a136
Megalodon Tooth4356 +"Dark Brown Root, Tan Enamel 100% Natural
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4346  "Dark Brown Root, Gray Enamel 100% Natural$405.00a134
Megalodon Tooth4336  3/16"Dark Brown Root, Tan Enamel 100% Natural$460.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4326 1/8 "Dark Brown Root, Two Tone Enamel 100% Natural$405.00a132
Megalodon Tooth4316 "Dark Brown Root, Brown/Gray Enamel 100% Natural$405.00a131
Megalodon Tooth4306"Dark Gray Root, Gray Enamel 3% Restoration$2,010.00a130
Megalodon Tooth4286  3/8"Dark Gray Root, Slate Gray Enamel 10% Restoration
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4276  1/8"Dark Gray Brown Root, Mottled Gray/Black/Tan Enamel Nice Serrations5% Restoration
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4266+"Brown Root,  Tan  Enamel $1,305.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4256  1/16"Dark Gray Root, Tan Gray Enamel No Restoration
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4246  5/16"Brown Root, Brown Enamel 10% Restoration$1,510.00a124
Megalodon Tooth4226  1/8 " Megalodon Sharks ToothDark Brown Root, Multi- Tan Enamel 100 % NaturalNO RESTORATION$505.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4236 1/4 "Dark Brown Root, Mottled Gray Enamel Nice Specimen100% NaturalNO RESTORATION$505.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4216  + " Megalodon Sharks ToothBrown Root, Gray/Green Enamel 100% NaturalNO RESTORATION$505.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4206 1/8 " Megalodon Shark ToothFantastic Choice, Great SpecimenNO RESTORATION100% NATURAL$505.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4196  1/8 + " Megalodon Sharks Tooth 1 pound 2.2 Ounces1 1/2 " Thick Dark Brown Root, Golden Tan Enamel Beautiful Contrast100% NaturalNO RESTORATION$1,510.00a119
Megalodon Tooth4186  1/16 "Black Root, Multi-colored Gray Enamel Super Wide Root15% restoration$810.00a118
Megalodon Tooth4176  1/8  + "Black Root, Multi-colored Gray Enamel Thick & Beefy Tooth15% restoration$1,010.00a117
Megalodon Tooth4166  1/4  + "Brown Root, Multi-colored Brown Enamel Serrated & Pointy5% restoration$1,210.00a116
Megalodon Tooth4146  1/16  + "Brown Root, Multi-colored Tan Enamel Thick & Serrated15% restoration$1,210.00a114
Megalodon Tooth4156  1/2  + "Black Root, Multi-colored Gray Enamel Hooked & Very Sharp20% restoration$1,510.00a115
Megalodon Tooth4136  1/4+"Black Root, Black Enamel 10% Restoration$1,510.00a113
Megalodon Tooth4116 1/4"Dark Brown Root, Dark Brown Enamel Beautiful Tooth$605.00
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4126  1/8  + "Brown Root, Multi-colored Tan Enamel Pointy & Serrated15% restoration$1,410.00a112
Megalodon Tooth4106  5/16+"Dark Gray Root, Slate Gray Enamel 25% Restoration$1,010.00a110
Megalodon Tooth4096  1/16  + "Light Tan Root, Grayish tan Enamel Beautiful Tooth10% restoration$1,010.00a109
Megalodon Tooth4086  1/8 "Mottled Root,  Silver/ Tan Enamel Killer Serrations10% restoration$510.00a108
Megalodon Tooth4076  1/8+"Dark Gray Root, Dark Slate Gray Enamel 25% Restoration
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4056  1/16"Dark Gray Root, Dark Slate Gray Enamel 20% Restoration$1,010.00a105
Megalodon Tooth4066  3/16+"Dark Gray Root, Dark Slate Gray Enamel 15% Restoration$1,210.00a106
Megalodon Tooth4046  1/4"Dark Brown Gray Root, Slate Gray Tan Enamel 25% Restoration$1,010.00a104
Megalodon Tooth4036"Brown Root, Gray Tan Enamel 20% Restoration
Out of stock
Megalodon Tooth4026  1/16"Gray Root, Gray Tan Enamel 25% Restoration$810.00a102
Megalodon Tooth4016  1/16  + "Black Root, Dark Gray Enamel Slightly Hooked100% NaturalNO RESTORATION$1,210.00a101
Megalodon Tooth4006 1/4 "Dark Brown Root, Mottled Gray Enamel Great Serrations
Out of stock
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