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Fossil Great White Shark Teeth

Fossil Great White Shark Tooth

Own a piece of prehistoric power! Fossil Great White Shark teeth are prized possessions for collectors, offering a glimpse into the world of these legendary predators.

A Legacy in Stone:

  • Millions of years old, these fossils are a tangible connection to a bygone era.
  • Imagine the stories these teeth could tell of hunts and survival in the ancient oceans.

Nature’s Serrated Weapon:

  • Distinctive triangular shape with serrated edges – a testament to the Great White’s formidable bite.
  • Each tooth is unique, showcasing a variety of colors, from classic white or black to earthy browns and grays.

A Collector’s Dream:

  • Highly sought-after for their beauty, history, and connection to an iconic predator.
  • These captivating fossils spark curiosity and ignite a passion for paleontology.

Bring Home a Legend:

Fossil Great White Shark teeth are more than just a display piece – they’re a conversation starter and a window into the prehistoric past. Explore our collection and find your own piece of history today!

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2 1/2+" - Fossil Great White Shark Tooth with Mottled Gray/Brown Root with Spotted Gray Enamel
2 5/8" - Fossil Great White Tooth with Brown Root, Silver Enamel
2  1/2+Brown Root, Brown Enamel
3" - Fossil Great White Tooth with Brown Root, Silver/Tan Enamel Extremly Rare Size!
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