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2.5 Inch Megalodon Shark Teeth

These are Commercial Fossil Megalodon shark teeth for sale. Commercial means an affordable Fossil sharks tooth that has a complete root and good enamel generally covering both sides. Some minor chips and enamel peel are acceptable. This is where you can define a A Grade and B Grade Commercial Megalodon shark tooth. In comparison, the collector Megalodon tooth will have excellent Enamel /Root and the finer details with good serrations and nice chevron or Bourlette. No chips. Usually, a Commercial Megalodon will have some serrations to no serrations. The serrations become worn after being exposed to the elements by traveling sand transported by either wind or tidal currents. This can take place in a short storm or over years being exposed and reexposed. The Chevron or Bourlette is a very thin layer of enamel that is very susceptible to deterioration by wind and sand movement. Megalodon shark teeth run in size from 1 inch to 7 inches. 1/8″ of an inch is approximately 1 foot . This Measurement is taken from the upper primary teeth. 7 inch being the Largest Megalodon tooth would have come from a shark about (7×8) 56 ft shark. Megalodon teeth are Usually chosen through personal preference as to color shape coolness and sexiness!

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2 15/16" - Megalodon Tooth with Speckeled Dark Brown and Brown Root and Tan Enamel
2 3/4" - Megalodon Tooth with Brown Root and Rare Reddish Brown Enamel
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